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Take a look at a Rockface set list

At every gig Martin made a set list, and I believe he's still got the lot of them, probably hundreds, secreted away somewhere, although he doesn't readily admit to it. Sometimes, well most times actually, he copied out the list from the previous gig. Usually changes were only made when the promoter wanted a different set pattern, this was never seen to be a problem.
Add at least another twenty songs to these lists you see here and you'll probably get close to the real number ofsongs in their repertoire. The truth is they started with a core of songs that were more than adequate to do any gig with then added more!


The secret, I believe was total love of what they did coupled with no fear.
As you read down this list here you'll see that songs crept in that were absolutely not from the sixties, but it didn't really matter.
They would check the list out with the promoter and if they wanted anything changing it could be done. Ninety nine percent of the time it was said to be ok because people knew that whatever Rockface did they'd get a blistering evening's entertainment